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Review: The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder’s Guide

Most people think for LEGO as the bricks that started the plastic building company, but there is a second type of LEGO building referred to as technic, which uses beams and pins to construct the builder’s creations. The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder’s Guide teaches prospective builders how to make use of the technic pieces to create more technical builds.

The technic system may be known for its beams, but its strength lies in the more advanced creations that are possible. In addition to the pins and beams, there are gears, pneumatics, and other parts to build complex machines that would not be able to be built using only the LEGO system bricks.

Pawet “Sariel” Kmiec is an accomplished LEGO technic builder who takes complex ideas and makes them simple and easy to follow. Everything from building the frame with beams (and sometimes bricks) to how to do gearing to how to build a transmission are explained in an easy to follow format; showing the parts, the concepts, and how to build them in a simple to understand and follow way.

Once the concepts are explained, Kmiec shows the reader how to build the concepts into useful examples. Cars, trucks, and construction vehicles – as well as other builds that show how a concept works – make the reader understand the concepts by building them and utilizing them with their own LEGO pieces.

I spend most of my LEGO building time utilizing the system bricks, but reading The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder’s Guide is really inspiring and makes me want to try building more in the technic system and build more technical creations. I look forward to building the creations in the book and seeing how I can integrate them into my own creations in the future.

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