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Review: Jabra Halo Smart

Halo_Smart_Black_01Jabra made their bones creating bluetooth headsets for mobile phones. With time, they introduced bluetooth headphones, and their latest are the Halo Smart wireless stereo earphones.

The Jabra Halo Smart is a plastic neckband that rests at the base of the neck and two ear pieces are connected by a ribbon like wire to the ends. The earpieces are magnetic and can connect to each other or the neckband when not in use. The neckband has buttons to raise and lower volume, start/stop audio, and an extra button on the other side for phone calls and to trigger Siri or Google Now. Magnetically separating the headphones from each other will also answer a phone call.

The Jabra Halo Smart have solid sound. Like most running headphones, the bass isn’t too heavy, but the music is clear and can get rather loud when the volume is turned up. I had no complaints listening to the headphones while running, but the earbuds can be rather muffling and block out outside sounds. I had a few problems with the earphone slipping out of my ear, but it only happened when I didn’t twist and push in deep.

I did find the ribbon cables to be distracting while running. The cables run from the neck piece to the earpieces, but that means they are curling by my cheeks while running. I occasionally found it distracting, especially when turning my head to look around when crossing streets and the like. I really found this to be the biggest negative when using the Jabra Halo Smart.

The Jabra Halo Smart is a solid running headphone and lives up to the quality of the Jabra devices I’ve used in the past.┬áThe Halo Smart is a quality headphone, with the ribbon cable being the only detriment for me.

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