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Review: Tiny LEGO Wonders

51gyzxfq8wl-_sx384_bo1204203200_The small parts that LEGO introduced over the last several years has allowed for intricate builds on a much smaller scale. While The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling showed off some really impressive builds, it sparked the imagination without actually teaching how to make them. Tiny LEGO Wonders shows microscale like the scale modeling book, but also teaches how to make them.

The focus of Tiny LEGO Wonders are small vehicles, all based on real vehicles. The 40 models are broken down into 10 sections to group the different builds. Cars, trains, trucks, spaceships, and military vehicles are built along the different thematic lines to show how similar vehicles can be built and use different techniques to be quite different from their related counterparts.

Mattia Zamboni has assembled instructions by himself and 10 other builders who make what can to be complex designs and break them down into easy to follow directions to build small. While the designs are not as sophisticated as in the previous book, they are the launching off points to learn the different techniques used by microscale builders and create the more advanced builds using the reader’s imagination and desire to build beyond the page.

As someone who generally does not build in microscale, Tiny LEGO Wonders was a great resource for me to see how the microscale LEGO builders make their designs and how I can build in similar ways to advance my own creations. I look forward to trying out the different designs and hopefully being inspired enough to create my own.

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