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Review: The LEGO Adventure Book Volume 3

51odkWKmHsLI previously reviewed The LEGO Adventure Book Volume 1 and Volume 2. Both were excellent resources for building and learning how to build original creations with LEGO, so when I was offered The LEGO Adventure Book Volume 3, I had to check it out and see more of Megan Rothrock’s excellent work.

Like the previous two volumes, the book is framed with a comic book style framework.¬†This time, the Megs minifigure continues the storyline from the previous problem, where she is escorting the previous book’s villain into a LEGO Movie inspired story with a room full of master builders. Once the villains in her storyline escape, the other nine chapters use the story as a framing device.

Each of the chapters opens with Megs and the intro for a page or two before introducing us to another builder who assisted with the design for that chapter’s projects. Each of the chapters tends to have one large project with several smaller projects that augment or compliment the main project. For instance a chapter will be how to build a building and also show how to make furniture or a chapter on a sandcastle will be complimented on vehicles one might find at the beach.

Overall there are 40 projects that the reader could build from the instructions in the book, plus an additional 110 models that were built by Megan and the other builders. Even though there aren’t directions for all the models, they are inspiring to see and get ideas from to make your own creations.

Like the previous two volumes, the builds are top notch. While the comic may be a little silly, children who love LEGO should really enjoy the story and seeing how Megs battles the Deconstructors. I highly recommend this book, along with the previous two for both those who are learning to make their own creations and for experienced builders seeking new ideas and inspiration for their next builds.

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