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NYRR Popular Brooklyn Half Marathon 2018

Each year, the hardest half marathon to get into in New York is the NYC Half Marathon, but as a New York Road Runners member, it is possible to run four out of six races – one for each of the boroughs plus the NYC Half itself – to gain an automatic entry into the NYC Half. With the London Marathon and my completion of the World Marathon Majors in the rear view, I wanted to get entry for the 2019 half marathon, so the first step for me was to run the NYRR Popular Brooklyn Half Marathon.

While the NYC Half Marathon is the most prestigious of the half marathons run in New York City each year, the Brooklyn Half Marathon is actually larger and had 25,383 explore the run streets of the second borough race of the year.

Before the race, it was a bit chilly and rainy, but we didn’t let it dampen our spirits. The race started with a crowded half mile run south on Washington Avenue before turning right onto Flatbush Avenue for an out and back that looped around Grand Army Plaza and back down to Ocean Avenue. Making a right onto Parkside Avenue around the edge of Prospect Park brought us to the three mile and 5k markers. At the 3.5 mile point we turned into┬áthe park and made a 3.5 mile loop around the park. From there it was a quick run onto Ocean Parkway and a 5 mile run straight down towards Coney Island. A quick run on Surf Avenue led to the ramp onto the boardwalk, where we dodged puddles for a 400 meter run to the finish line.

Having run London a month before, my training for the Popular Brooklyn Half was lessened. Compounded with the rain that interfered with running in general, especially when there were large puddles, I was happy to have completed it in 2:28:33, and it gives me motivation to do even better with my coming half marathons this year.

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