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NYRR Race to Deliver 4M 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 9.25.04 AMAs the year slowly draws closer and closer to its end, so does the 9+1 to gain entry into the 2016 NYC Marathon. With two races left to complete to get my automatic entry, I went out on a brisk November Sunday morning to run four miles in Central Park to run the Race to Deliver 4M.

We started out on the east side of Central Park near 68th st before heading north up the east side. Almost immediately we began up cat hill, making the first mile a little rough. Once we crested the hill we were a mile in to the race and kept going in that direction until we got to the 102nd st transverse. The second mile marker was in the middle of the transverse and turned left once we got to the west side. Heading south down the west side of Central Park up and down the three rolling hills to the 72nd st transverse. Turning left, we made it to the finish line in the middle of the transverse.

With four miles done, I was one step closer to the marathon. I haven’t trained for hills this year like I have in previous years, so I did the Race to Deliver 4M in 37:27. Not my best time, but it is incentive to┬átrain harder and work at getting back to my PR time.

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