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Road To The NY Marathon: Race To Deliver

With the 2011 ING NYC Marathon behind me, I still needed to run three more races to get my automatic entry into the 2012 NYC Marathon. This past Sunday, I ran the Race to Deliver, a four mile race around Central Park to support Gods Love We Deliver.

The race started by running up a hill. Unfortunately, the first part of any race is approximately the first half mile. No matter how much I stretch, it takes moving the muscles to really get going. It made the opening hill rough and a challenge to begin the race with. Once that hurdle was passed, the race became much easier. Before I knew it, four miles was gone.

Even though my shoe lace opened on my final mile, I still made good time and was greeted at the finish line by a bottle of holy water, sponsored by the broadway show Sister Act. I finished the race with a time of 35:37 and an average mile of 8:55. With the completion of the Race to Deliver, I am one more race down in my 9+1 for next year’s marathon and closer to running my second ING NYC Marathon.


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