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I Am Going to SXSW

For the past two years, I have been very active in the social media scene in New York. When fellow technologists converged on Austin, Texas for South By Southwest (SXSW) for the interactive conference, I cofounded NxNYC with Christina Coster and Karen Costa, and ran it with Christina a second year as our brethren emigrated south again. This year, I have decided to finally join them and travel to journey southward.

SXSW is a large convention with Music, Movies and Interactive portions that make up a week long festival and conference. I am attending the Interactive portion, which is affectionately referred to as “geek spring break” by its attendees.  It will be a smorgasbord of networking, tech, panels, barbecue and partying. Although I currently do not know where I am staying nor have a badge for the conference, I’m sure I’ll have it sorted out before SXSWi begins on March 11.

My ride down is part of the Chevy SXSW Road Trip, where we will be competing against nine other teams in a three day drive from different parts of the country to converge on Austin the evening of March 10, where we will meet up with the other teams we are competing against. I’ll go more in depth later this week about the Chevy SXSW Road Trip, since there’s so much to say, but follow nycsxsw on Twitter and on Facebook to share in our adventures!

I’m excited to drive across the country and experience everything the road trip and SXSW have to offer. Of course, I’ll be all over my Twitter, Facebook and JustJon.Net with updates, posts and blogs, so stick tuned as I chronicle my adventure. And if you are in New York City during SXSW, NxNYC will be happening this year, so keep an eye open for it.

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