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I Am Going to SXSW

For the past two years, I have been very active in the social media scene in New York. When fellow technologists converged on Austin, Texas for South By Southwest (SXSW) for the interactive conference, I cofounded NxNYC with Christina Coster and Karen Costa, and ran it with Christina a second year as our brethren emigrated south again. This year, I have decided to finally join them and travel to journey southward.

To NxNYC, Cupcakes With Love

Since writing the previous blog post about NxNYC, I was reminded of a story I forgot to tell in my blog post, either due to absent mindedness, tiredness, or some combination in between. Rather than updating last week’s post, I wanted to tell the story as a special thank you to our friends who visited SXSW while we held down NYC.

NxNYC: Programming the Counterculture

With the majority of the New York Tech and Social community journeyed south to Austin, Texas for SXSWi, the interactive portion of the South By Southwest music and film festival that occurs annually. Unfortunately, not everyone can make it to Texas for one reason or another and so those of us left behind in New York had counter with our own networking event, aptly named NxNYC.