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Review: LEGO Technic Non-Electric Models: Simple Machines

rfect book for you in LEGO Technic Non-Electric Models: Simple Machines.

Review: The LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor Idea Book

LEGO Mindstorms utilize basic machines like gears and levers that can be used in ways that can create machines that work in unique and creative ways. There is no builder who exemplifies these techniques than Yoshihito Isogawa, and he shares those ideas in The LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor Idea Book.

Review: The LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor Activity Book

LEGO robotics are a versatile platform for building interactive creations, but the documentation supplied by LEGO tends to be lacking. When purchasing the LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor Kit, the user downloads software that gives instructions on how to build and program five different robots, but doesn’t teach how to design unique robots or program them. The LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor Activity Book by Daniele Benedettelli fills that need while showing how to build seven unique creations.

Review: LEGO Still Life with Bricks: The Art of Everyday Play

LEGO creations are often referred to as art. Whether it be the sculptures made from LEGO bricks or utilizing the LEGO elements in other ways, it allows individuals to express their creativity. In LEGO Still Life with Bricks: The Art of Everyday Play, Michelle Clair and Lydia Ortiz take LEGO pieces to create beautiful photography […]

Review: Natural Language Processing With Python and spaCy

With the advent of voice assistants, chatbots, and automated voice prompts on phones, the need for interfaces that understand human language is growing. In order to learn how to create these relationships between computer and human being, there is Natural Language Processing With Python and spaCy: A Practical Introduction by Yuli Vasiliev.

Review: Web Security for Developers

Black hat hackers inhabit the internet, seeking servers to take over and utilize for their own nefarious purposes. While developers do what they can to secure their code, sometimes they are unaware of holes or potential pitfalls that the hackers may take advantage of that exist in the code. To help educate these programmers, there is Web Security for Developers by Malcolm McDonald.

Review: Python One-Liners

With a title like Python One-Liners, one might think that someone wrote a Henny Youngman-esque nerdy jokebook, but such is not the case. Instead, the book by Christian Mayer is how to “write concise, eloquent python like a professional.”

Review: LEGO Train Projects

When doing large scale displays with I LUG NY (back when that was a thing), often had large cityscapes and environments with trains running through them. The moving trains captured the attention and the wonder of children as the locomotives traveled in large loops across multiple tables. LEGO Train Projects by Charles Pritchett is a […]

Review: William Shakespeare’s Get Thee Back to the Future!

Creating mashups is an artform. Taking two existing pieces of art and combining them in new and unique ways to create a new piece of art that is unparalleled. When taking an artwork that is 400 years old and combining it with one that is 30 years old, the result is something as interesting as […]

Review: LEGO Micro Cities: Build Your Own Mini Metropolis!

I’ve reviewed quite a few books about how to build buildings, cities, and architecture, but many of them focus on building them at minifigure scale. While it’s great that the minifigures have places to inhabit, sometimes LEGO builders want to build at a smaller scale. For such cases, there is microscale building. LEGO Micro Cities: […]