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Road to the 2013 NY Marathon: Ted Corbitt 15K

With the year slowly drawing to a close, and realizing I had run eight qualifying races for the 2013 NYC Marathon (including the credit for the canceled marathon), I decided I wanted to run one more time to get the guaranteed entry for the 2013 marathon, even though entrants of the 2012 marathon were being guaranteed entry for the 2013 marathon.

Road to the 2013 NY Marathon: Jingle Bell Jog

Although the NYC Marathon was canceled this year, I wanted to continue to run. I trained for months for that race, but it’s not the only race and after a month I wanted to get back out on the courses, which I did for the Jingle Bell Jog.

And the Winner Is…

It was kind of GM to approach me last week and let me grant the holiday wish for one of my readers because I had borrowed and written about the Chevy Sonic earlier this year. Yesterday, you got to make your wishes and today, I get to grant one of them…

GM and I Are Granting Your Holiday Wish!

Earlier this year, Chevy lent me a Sonic that I took to a Sonic Drive-In, but now it’s your turn! Not only do you get a GM car for a week loan, but you get a $500 gift card to help put you in that holiday spirit and help pay for all those awesome gifts you’re buying!

This Thursday: GM and I Are Granting Your Holiday Wish!

You may have seen my post earlier this year about taking a Chevy Sonic to Sonic. Well, MSL Group and GM Northeast approached me about not only letting one of you have a free General Motors car loan for a week, but a $500 Gift Card to help bring holiday cheer!