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Netflix on the Motorola Droid

Earlier this week, I wrote about the release of Netflix on the Android operating system. Although it had only been released for five Android phones, enterprising hackers made it possible to download and install Netflix on other devices. Since writing about it, I have finally installed it on my Droid.

In the previous article, I copied directions on how to hack the Droid to convince the Netflix apk that the phone is one of the accepted phones. There is actually a simpler way to do it. From this website, download the Netflix apk with device check disabled. When I attempted to download directly on the phone, I got errors, but downloading onto the computer and transferring via USB got it onto the SD card and I was able to install it.

When I loaded up the Netflix app, it loaded fine and showed queues and movies like the iPhone app. The problem arose when I tried to play a movie. It loaded fine and looked clear but was running fast. If you enjoy watching your movies being voiced by the Chipmunks, then this may be the way for you to watch movies. My phone was running a rooted version of Android 2.2 FRG22 Froyo operating system.  According to what I read, it runs fine on the FRG83G, ver 2.2.2 OS, but I was unable to spend the time with my phone offline to upgrade, but hope to do it this weekend. If you are having the same problem, upgrades can be downloaded from this website. The comments on the site confirm that it works with the GPA15 rooted Gingerbread 2.3.3 update.

It’s great to be able to watch the movies and television shows on my Netflix queue. It’s unfortunate that Netflix chose to only open it up to five devices, but thanks to some enterprising hackers, my early Android device is able to use the most up to date apps that I want to use.

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