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iSwifter – Flash for the iPad

I’ve had an iPad since the day it came out, and like many others, I lament the lack of Flash on it. I understand Apple’s stance when I see how it hogs resources on my MacBook Pro and how it has crashed my browser and laptop, but sometimes there are websites I want to view that I am unable to. That is until now with iSwifter.

I recently came across iSwifter and was incredulous when I heard about it. After four years of iOS, the existence of Flash on the iPhone and iPad, being able to use Adobe Flash was a pipe dream. Many Flash sites created counterparts in HTML5 or created apps that could be used to view their content. iSwifter is able to not only play any video I have tried to play on it, but works just as well with any interactive Flash site, including games that I have tried to play on it.

iSwifter is also very simple to use. When loaded, the app gives you a choice between Browse Websites or Play Games. Play Games allows you to play from a selection of curated games, while Browse Websites brings up a web browser that can be used to visit any website, from Homestar Runner to Hulu to Kongregate, and play their Flash based websites in the iSwifter browser on the iPad. All of the sites I have tested it on also worked with minimal choppiness in the video playback over wifi.

The riddle of how to view Flash on the iPad has finally been solved. It took a year after the iPad was released (and four years after the release of the iPhone) for it to finally happen, but iPad owners can  finally watch Flash on an iOS device. It is a momentous occasion for all iPad owners, and the price is just right at free.

To see iSwifter in action:

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