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A Return to the Sears Automotive Debacle

A couple weeks ago, I took my car to Sears Automotive for an oil change.  As soon as I left Sears, the car began leaking, something it hadn’t been the night before.  Through tribulations outlined previously, I just wanted to have a fully working car again, which itself became an extended process.

Once I published the previous article, it was noticed by Sears Automotive on Twitter. I contacted them and we went back and forth, when I was told it was being sent to the director of operations, I never heard back from anyone at Sears that I had not directly contacted myself, so I don’t know if he is still “looking in to it” or if I was just told that in some attempt to pacify me.  I will say that the way they were on top of the first tweet about the new blog was a major step up from their social media the year before.

I met the manager of the Nanuet Sears Auto at the White Plains store a couple days afterwards, where he personally looked at my car with technicians from the White Plains store.  They replaced the Mercedes bolt that had been put in place by my local garage as a stop gap and it stopped the oil pan leak. From what I was able to tell from talking to the different mechanics, the Sears technician who changed my oil forgot to put in the gasket to seal the hole causing the leak.

Although the major leak was now fixed, I was still left with a minor leak at the gasket cover valve.  This leak was on top of the engine and leaking down the engine, which made it easier to diagnose with the larger leak stopped.  The technicians at the White Plains Sears Automotive did not feel that they could fix it.  The manager of the Nanuet store told me they had technicians there, if I chose to take it back to them.  Considering the extended mistreatment I’ve had there, I chose to take it to my local mechanic, which ended up costing me about the same as Sears was going to charge me.

Again, thanks to Sears Automotive, I have lost quite a few hours to correcting this problem that did not exist before I took my car for an oil change. I am also out a few hundred dollars that I hadn’t planned to spend on my car beyond the cost of the oil change, which Sears owed me but had no record of.  I had said it previously – and I plan to be more strict about it in the future – my car will not be visiting Sears Automotive again.

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