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Buick Intellilink

With the onset of the New York Auto Show this week, many auto makers are making announcements and introducing new technologies to be seen in their 2012 cars, and ones that one appear further into the future. Today, I was invited to the Buick luncheon to see the latest infotainment technology for their upcoming cars.

Review: Autonet

When traveling the roads of this country from New York to Austin, TX for the Chevy SXSW Road Trip, our Chevy Equinox was supplied with an Autonet router to give us internet access from the car. It gave us the ability to keep connection with the outside world and our GM reps, see what the other teams were posting online and upload our challenges.

A Return to the Sears Automotive Debacle

A couple weeks ago, I took my car to Sears Automotive for an oil change. As soon as I left Sears, the car began leaking, something it hadn’t been the night before. Through tribulations outlined previously, I just wanted to have a fully working car again, which itself became an extended process.

Sears Automotive Messed Up My Car. Again.

After the adventures of the Dude, My Car trilogy, I thought it might be a good idea to do some maintenance on it. An oil change and car wash seemed to be the order of the day. Unfortunately, it was my choice of vendors was not quite on the same par as the thought itself.

Dude, I Found My Car

First, the car was lost, then the car consumed my week, and just as I was ready to accept the loss and move on, I received a phone call changing everything. As of noon today, my car was in a New York City tow lot, and as of five pm, back in my possession.

Dude, I Still Can’t Find My Car

I normally write in this blog twice a week, but unfortunately, my entire week has been consumed with finding out where my car is, to no avail. ┬áSince I put out the previous post earlier this week, everyone who has seen me has asked if there were any updates, so I figured the best thing […]

Dude, Where’s My Car?

This past weekend, I made some allusions to having bad days, spending time in the back of a police car and being in a New York City police precinct without telling people what happened or why I was there. I didn’t want to tell the entire story while it was happening, just in case anything happened, but I feel it’s time to tell the tale and let everyone in on the story.

Sears Automotive – A Chronicle of Customer Service Through Social Media

Last week, I chronicled my experience dealing with Sears Automotive over the course of the month of September. I decided to use this as an experiment in social media to see what kind of response I would get from Sears by writing the blog and then seeing what attention I could garner by promoting it online.

Sears Automotive – An Experience in Poor Customer Service

This past summer, the light on my dashboard came on letting me know that my brake pads needed to be replaced. Unfortunately, bringing the car in to Sears Automotive for repairs lead to far more problems than I ever expected to need to fix and cost me far more in money and time than I ever expected.