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Dude, I Found My Car

First, the car was lost, then the car consumed my week, and just as I was ready to accept the loss and move on, I received a phone call changing everything.  As of noon today, my car was in a New York City tow lot, and as of five pm, back in my possession.

With the car missing for a week now, I had given up hope of ever seeing it or the other contents therein.  I was already starting to think about a new car, a new laptop, new iPad, camera, etc.  I was tired of all the time I’d wasted so far and was finally returning to what passes for normal life.  I went for a run this morning and when I returned home, there was a message on my phone.  Since a call/voicemail is the slowest way to get a response from me, I didn’t check it until I had cleaned up and eaten lunch.  The call said they had found my car and to call back, but when I did, all I got was a machine from a NYC tow lot.  Deciding I wouldn’t get anywhere via telephone, I postponed the errands I had planned and headed out.

I hit the car rental place and returned the car I had rented on Friday before heading to the train station.  A quick cab ride from Grand Central Station to Pier 76 brought me to the two lot where my car was allegedly situated.  I quickly got through the line to let them know I was there for my car before waiting over an hour to be called.  Once called, I was given a slip of paper to go to a separate office where I was escorted to my car.  Upon inspection, it was dirtier than I left it, a stack of tickets were on the windshield, a sticker was on the back passenger window and all the contents were still in the trunk.

I know the next question is: Where was the car?  It was a couple blocks away from where Leslie and I thought we parked the car.  Whether we parked it there and forgot or it was moved without my knowledge, I’m not sure (but I lean towards the former), but ultimately it does not matter.  I have my car back and with a few tasks and phone calls left to bring this adventure to an end.

With the conclusion of the Dude, My Car trilogy, I can return to writing about tech, social media and things that actually interest me.  It has already cost me a week of my life and I look forward to putting it behind me.  Of all the items that were gone for the week, I must say that the item I missed the most was the iPad, which sat at 63% battery when I recovered it, but I am glad to have everything back.

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