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Review: Altec Lansing True Evo Wireless Earbuds

I’m always looking for good running headphones, and the less wires to get tangled up in, the better. That’s why I’ve become a fan of the current wave of wireless earbuds, and why I took out the Altec Lansing True EVO earbuds for a spin.

The earbuds themselves are fairly small, fitting snugly in the ear and not moving, even when running or biking. The earbuds do leave enough space to allow for outside noise to seep in enough to be aware of the wearer’s surroundings, which is always important when being active and listening to music or podcasts. Each of the True EVO earbuds have a button on them that not only turn it on and off, but also can start and stop the music or summon Siri or the Google Assistant based on the number of presses or length of press.

The battery life on each earbud was about 3-4 hours, but can be recharged in their case for reuse. The case itself holds four charges, so the earbuds can last throughout the day before having to recharge the case. Unfortunately, that meant I could not take it on long marathon training runs due to the battery life. I also found the case was a little too big to slip in a pocket to use and recharge on the go, unless I was carrying a bag or could leave it on my desk to recharge. Most curiously, the case charges not only via micro usb cable, but via Qi wireless charging as well. While I am not completely sold on Qi charging, it is convenient when you are someplace that has it and you can just put the case down on the charging spot.

Of course, the most important feature of any earbud or headphone is how they sound, and the Altec Lansing True EVO earbuds do not disappoint. The highs and the mids are very crisp, but they really excel with the bass. Every thump can can almost be felt as much as it can be heard. Earbuds are really meant to do one thing and the True EVO do it well.

The one feature I would have liked on the True EVO earbuds is the ability to control the volume. The earbuds cannot change the volume nor change tracks, but a small price to pay for good sounding wireless earbuds.

I really liked the Altec Lansing True EVO earbuds. They sounded amazing and felt good in my ears when running, but wish I could take them out to run a marathon with. Regardless, I highly recommend them for anyone who aren’t held back by the battery time constraint.

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