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Review: 1More Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

I was a big fan of the advent of wireless headphones. The ability to toss my headphones in my ears and not have to worry about getting the wires tangled while being active or having it catch on something was a big advantage, but the sound quality was initially lacking. When a company like 1More, who are known for their wired headphones with triple and quadruple drivers, release a pair of wireless earbuds, I had to check them out.

The Stylish True Wireless Earbuds are the Bluetooth 5.0 headphones released by 1More. Like most wireless earbuds, they come with a charging case used to charge the earbuds. The headphones at maximum charge last for 6.5 hours, and can be charged 4 times from the case. The case can also give 3 hours of battery life with a 15 minute quick charge. I was able to wear them on my commute and most of the work day without needing to charge, so the battery lives up to the hype.

Like most earbuds, the 1More Stylish True Wireless Earbuds are pushed into the ear and twisted to create a seal. Once in, the 1More earbuds never moved once, whether I was walking through New York City or going for a run. I did appreciate the rubber cover on the inside of the earbuds, so when they were situated, it wasn’t plastic rubbing against my ear.

While the rubber was more comfortable, my ears felt fuller than I was used to with other headphones and it took a bit of time to adjust to. The advantage of the fit in the ear is that it solidly blocked out outside noises. I found the earbuds could get louder than some earbuds I tested, it was unnecessary by the way the earbuds situated in the ear and the way they blocked out sound to give you more music with less sound leakage.

As with any pair of headphones, the most important thing is how a pair of headphones sounds. On that front, the 1More Stylish True Wireless Earbuds did not disappoint. The highs sounded very crisp, the midrange was solid, and the bass sounded good, but not the heavy sound that bassheads love – but I have yet to find wireless headphones that bring super heavy bass, mainly due to bluetooth compression to transmit the sound from the phone to the earbuds.

I had one minor issue with the 1More earbuds. If I put in the right earbud before the left, I would need to manually go into the phone and connect the headphones, but it had no problem if I put in the left one first. Of course, being right handed, my habit is to put in the right one first.

The 1More Stylish True Wireless Earbuds are a solid pair of headphones that delivered everything they promised. With a price point under $100 and high quality sound, the 1More earbuds bring that noise at an affordable price.

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