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Review: Snuggbuds SB-X and Marvericks

Running can be a solitary activity, and as such, having music or books to listen to while runs can help motivate a runner. Just as important as what the runner listens to is what he or she uses to listen to it. The choice of headphones is as important as the device itself that is used. With that in mind, Snuggbuds sent me two pair of their headphones to test out.

Snuggbuds sent me a pair of their SB-X headphones and a pair of their Mavericks SmartPhone headphones, both aimed at runners. The main differences between the two are SB-X’s fabric cord and the Mavericks’ microphone for iPhone and other smartphone usage. The fabric cord on the SB-X was nice because it felt sturdier and didn’t tangle like most of my plastic corded headphones. The Mavericks’ microphone was clear and I was easily heard by anyone I spoke to on the phone with them.

Most manufacturers of running headphones will encourage you to do a “pull test” with their headphones. Placing the headphones firmly in your ears and tugging on the cord should not remove the headphones from your ears to pass this test. Unfortunately neither pair were able to pass this test for me. Tugging on the headphones dislodged them from my ears every time. When actually running with the headphones, this was not a problem. Neither headphones slid out of my ears nor did they have to be readjusted while running, which is the most important test.

Both pairs of headphones had a rich sound with good range and decent bass. The headphones never sounded distorted while listening to audio nor while talking on the phone. I was able to listen to books while running without having a problem hearing a single word. For those seeking more low end, Snuggbuds offers their Pump’d headphones, but I was not able to see how they compared.

When running, it’s important to be able to know what is going on around a runner to be courteous to other people and to avoid the dangers of crossing the street and other environmental hazards. The earbuds fill the ear to reduce environmental sounds like trucks and wind well, but not too much that I was deaf to my surroundings. I was able to be aware of what was going on around me and still listen to my iPod without a problem.

Snuggbuds make solid, lightweight headphones for running that sound good, look good and don’t fall out. The fabric cord on the SB-X makes them feel very¬†resilient¬†and tangle less, which is perfect for hitting the road quicker and enjoying music or an audio book without a problem, while the Mavericks make it easy to hit the road and still be able to talk on the phone in addition to listen to audio.

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