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NYRR New Balance Bronx 10 Mile 2018

While training for the NYC Marathon, I wanted to get a few races in as part of my training. Since the NYRR Bronx 10 Mile was a fairly flat 10 mile out and back that also is also a qualifier for the NYC Half Marathon and the NYC Marathon, it was a perfect training run.

It was a cool, cloudy Sunday morning at the end of September when we arrived. Andrea and I lined up in our corral and got ready to run. As we passed the start line, we were keeping pace with the runners around us, who were running faster than my usual pace. I felt ok keeping that pace through the first mile north on the Grand Concourse and kept it up. Another two miles were feeling good, but the road started to head uphill and I started to feel a little ill about a half mile later. Luckily there was a hydration station not too far ahead and some Gatorade and water had me feeling better and I was able to get back to running.

I was able to return to my previous pace, only losing a little time to the brief malady. Around the four mile marker we turned left onto the Mosholu Parkway, giving our out and back a T shape. A short run up the Mosholu Parkway S before hitting a U turn and heading down the Mosholu Parkway N to the 5 mile marker. From there it was a run back to the Grand Concourse to return to where we started, and where we will finish.

It was a straight run back to the finish that lasted about four miles, but the advantage was the hill that gave me trouble heading out. While I may have had issues going up the hill, going down accelerated my running. I was going at a pace I had no idea I would be able to reach – nevermind maintain – during the race. I caught back up to Andrea with about a mile left in the NYRR New Balance Bronx 10 Mile and we were able to reach the finish line near each other.

I hadn’t been able to run a race at a 9:39 pace in a couple years, so it felt great to be able to do so. I completed the NYRR New Balance Bronx 10 Mile in 1:36:34, which was a new PR for me by 1:16. Now I look forward to seeing how this translates to the NYC Marathon in a matter of weeks.

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