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Review: Verizon Blackberry Tour – Followup

As previously chronicled, I picked up a Blackberry Tour as my new cell phone of choice.  Unfortunately, that decision was ultimately that decision was faulty and I have fallen back to my Samsung i760.

While I liked the thinner form factor of the Tour, and I could deal with the small keyboard, the scroll ball was the one issue I could not deal with.  It appears that there is a design flaw in the Tour that prohibits the ball from scrolling to side to side.  While this could defect could be overcome by scrolling at an angle, this was not the most efficient fix for the problem.  It is fine for moving through the menus, it is impossible to move through text for editing.  While Verizon offered to replace it with a new one, it’s a common flaw with the Tour that I researched on the web after receiving the phone.

All other Blackberries carried by Verizon are old enough that they will be refreshed before too long, and if I am stuck in a two year contract with a phone, I’d prefer a newer phone.  The Blackberry Storm 2 will be released within the next couple weeks, and I’ve decided that will be the phone I update to when it is released.  Until then, I am back on my Windows Mobile phone.  Hopefully it will be released soon.

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