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Review: Verizon Blackberry Tour – Followup

As previously chronicled, I picked up a Blackberry Tour as my new cell phone of choice.  Unfortunately, that decision was ultimately that decision was faulty and I have fallen back to my Samsung i760.

While I liked the thinner form factor of the Tour, and I could deal with the small keyboard, the scroll ball was the one issue I could not deal with.  It appears that there is a design flaw in the Tour that prohibits the ball from scrolling to side to side.  While this could defect could be overcome by scrolling at an angle, this was not the most efficient fix for the problem.  It is fine for moving through the menus, it is impossible to move through text for editing.  While Verizon offered to replace it with a new one, it’s a common flaw with the Tour that I researched on the web after receiving the phone.

All other Blackberries carried by Verizon are old enough that they will be refreshed before too long, and if I am stuck in a two year contract with a phone, I’d prefer a newer phone.  The Blackberry Storm 2 will be released within the next couple weeks, and I’ve decided that will be the phone I update to when it is released.  Until then, I am back on my Windows Mobile phone.  Hopefully it will be released soon.

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  • I have a BB curve and I love it. Dont know about your problems with the Tour.

    • The inability to scroll side to side. That was my only real problem. Verizon said there was supposed to be a software update to fix it at the end of the month, but I can’t not be able to edit text that long.

      • This tour has been a disaster for me. The ball has pretty much died after three months of use.. POS..

  • I just moved from my Curve to the Tour as of last Thursday. This morning I needed to take it back to exchange the Tour for another because the autofocus on the camera had stopped working.

    Thankfully it was replaced with very little hassle from the local Sprint store.

    I feel that the interface is much improved over that of the Curve and Pearl. Some of the default settings are less than desirable, including the clock that appears when you charge it. This can be turned off, but it is annoying. Also by default incoming SMS messages are not shown it seems, that is until you turn on the combined view setting.

    As for the hardware itself, the display seems more sharp. I also find that the trackball is an improvement over the much more slick trackball on the older models.

    One of the most agitating things I have found is that many of the accessories for the Tour have not been released yet. This includes the doc and the thin protective skin, both being items I wanted right away.

    That being said, all in all I am pleased with my move to the Tour.

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  • As you know, it’s been three months and I am on my 5th Tour. Problems ranged from the trackball, no cell tower signal, completely frozen and useless, etc. This one is holding fairly strong, but it’s only been two weeks so you never know. I think they rushed to production after a whole lot of dreaming big.

    I unlocked it yesterday so if you know of anyone in the market for an unlocked, nearly-new phone, send ’em my way 🙂

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  • logan

    i’ve had over 4 blackberrys in my life and this unlocked blackberry tour is my favorite so far. it’s smaller than most, faster than most, more practical than most. all around i like it for how practical it is and how many goodies it has. games are fun and for my business it’s perfect. got my last one at gsmallover.com and it runs perfectly. don’t have a complaint yet.

  • Bryan

    The tracking ball on my BB Tour sucks. Scroll to the right, it goes left or moves only one space over then freezes. Takes several minutes for me to even get from my e-mail folders to my SMS screen. I hate this phone.