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LEGO Final Fantasy Red Mage

When I built the Final Fantasy Black Mage out of LEGO, I was inspired to continue. I followed it up with the White Mage, but in the original Final Fantasy game, there were three mage types. Since I had built the first two, I could not leave out my friend Mike’s favorite, the Red Mage.

LEGO Final Fantasy White Mage

When I was inspired to build the Black Mage from Final Fantasy, I wasn’t content to stop there. As any fan of the classic NES RPG knows, the power comes from the party and not the individual character. With that knowledge, it was obvious that the Black Mage would need support from the White Mage.

LEGO Final Fantasy Black Mage

Over the years, I’ve created quite a few characters from the 8 bit Nintendo era out of LEGO. From Mario to Link to Samus Aran and others, I’ve built some of my favorites, but one group of characters that I’ve been drawn to but never built until now were any of the mages from Final Fantasy. The first one to be immortalized in brick is the Black Mage.

Review: Snuggbuds SB-X and Marvericks

Running can be a solitary activity, and as such, having music or books to listen to while runs can help motivate a runner. Just as important as what the runner listens to is what he or she uses to listen to it. The choice of headphones is as important as the device itself that is used. With that in mind, Snuggbuds sent me two pair of their headphones to test out.