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Dude, I Found My Car

First, the car was lost, then the car consumed my week, and just as I was ready to accept the loss and move on, I received a phone call changing everything. As of noon today, my car was in a New York City tow lot, and as of five pm, back in my possession.

Dude, I Still Can’t Find My Car

I normally write in this blog twice a week, but unfortunately, my entire week has been consumed with finding out where my car is, to no avail. ┬áSince I put out the previous post earlier this week, everyone who has seen me has asked if there were any updates, so I figured the best thing […]

Dude, Where’s My Car?

This past weekend, I made some allusions to having bad days, spending time in the back of a police car and being in a New York City police precinct without telling people what happened or why I was there. I didn’t want to tell the entire story while it was happening, just in case anything happened, but I feel it’s time to tell the tale and let everyone in on the story.

Recap: Maker Faire

Ever since I saw my first link to Make’s website from Slashdot, I have been a faithful reader and subscriber to the magazine. The DIY ethic has always been in my nature and something I have always supported. When I was in California for work in 2006, I returned home a week before the first Maker Faire, but since they were finally bringing it to New York, I had to be part of it.

I Am Displaying At Maker Faire NY

Ever since I saw the tech gift guide put out online by Make Magazine at the end of their first year of publication, I have been a fan of their magazine and online content. The DIY movement has always appealed to me and the projects within their pages have inspired me since I picked up my first issue. That’s why I needed to be part of the Maker Faire when it was announced that it would finally come to New York.

Recap: Damon Runyon Yankee Stadium 5K

This past Sunday, I decided to participate in my second 5K. The first was a run through the Bronx Zoo to raise money for Tigers, both at the zoo and in the wild, and the second run was through Yankee Stadium to support the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation. While I knew how unconventional the course would be, I had no clue what it really would be like.

I Am Running the Damon Runyon Yankee Stadium 5K

In my continuing desire to keep running and to run with my friends, I have signed up to run through Yankee Stadium for the Damon Runyon 5K. This unique opportunity helps raise money for cancer research and gives an unusual tour of Yankee Stadium that I couldn’t pass up, since it is an intersection of my interests of the New York Yankees, running and working with charities.


On July 1, 2009, I wrote how Your Medium is Your Message in response to something that was said at a panel that marginalized the role of technology in Social Media. From there, I wanted to continue my point and began weekly blogging and a year later, I continue to write, bringing us to this anniversary.

Bronx Zoo Run for the Wild 5K and April Detox Results

Nine weeks ago, I went to brunch with friends and they challenged me to run the Bronx Zoo Run For the Wild 5K because I was considering taking up running but wavering because of the predicted poor weather. After 9 weeks of running and a month of “detoxing,” I finally ran the race. And I am aware there are a few days left of April, but I thought it best to recap it with the race results.

April Detox

March was a long, busy month for me. Between work, social activities and activity commitments, my free time became minimal and life became strained for me. As such, I felt like I needed to make April a reactionary month for myself and take some time for myself and my health.