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10 Years of Blogging

On July 1, 2009, I wanted to respond to something I had read on Twitter about technology and social media. From there, I began a series of blogs about technology and social media – missives posted at least weekly about things I wanted to comment on – and now 10 years later, the blog continues (if not quite as regularly).

Over time, in addition to my personal commentaries began to include other things, depending on what I was doing. My LEGO building started getting added, trips I was taking, conventions I was attending, and other things I was doing. As I began running, I chronicled my adventures – from my first 5k to my final marathon. Blogging even opened some avenues as an “influencer” for me, and I got to do some things and write about products because of it. I was even able to write a book about Arduino and LEGO Projects thanks to the writing I was doing on the blog.

Over time, I felt like I had less to say and focused more on product reviews, my LEGO building, and running. I just didn’t find things I had to say about technology, social media, and related topics. At times, I was even delaying writing about things that I wanted to because my focus on putting down words waned.

And with time, blogging as a general trend dwindled. I could see traffic going down, regardless of how often I wrote or what I wrote about. Video became the prevalent media of the internet (or so we were led to believe). As such, search engines and social media pushed visual medium over the written word. While video wasn’t really my forte, I’ve spent time doing 3 podcasts over that time (KoPoint Comic Book Show, The Creator’s Corner, and Geekodrome), and it felt good to try playing with video and sound for the unique differences and interactions that I wouldn’t get by just blogging.

While I don’t blog as often as I used to, I still enjoy doing it and plan to keep the blog going in one form or another. Even if it is just a place I put down my life experiences, I find that writing is an experience that helps me focus my thoughts and become more cognizant of how I want to express them as I concentrate on my ideas and define them more clearly than they would be if they just swirled around in my head.

I never had any idea I’d still be writing on this site ten years on (but who really looks that far into the future when creating a blog like this), but I still enjoy writing in it when I do. I look forward to continuing composing more posts on this blog for years to come, and we shall see how this site progresses in the future.

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