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Review: The LEGO Architecture Idea Book

Alice Finch is a renowned LEGO builder best known for her large scale model of Hogwarts from the Harry Potter books and movies that spans approximately 13 feet on each side. As someone who builds such large intricate models of buildings, she is quite knowledgable in creating buildings out of LEGO bricks. In The LEGO Architecture Idea Book, she shares many of her building techniques.

While many LEGO building books focus on overall projects, The LEGO Architecture Idea Book approaches building from another perspective. Rather than teaching how to build, it is more of a reference book. It shows the completed design techniques with a couple sentences written about how it is done. This is not a book for beginners as it skips all the how-tos and shows all the interesting ways you can build windows, siding, and frames.

The book is broken down into 16 different chapters: Brickwork, Wall Cladding and Shingles, Curved Walls, Framing and Paneling, Patterned Walls, Molding and Millwork, Simple Windows, Custom Windows, Ornamental Windows, Window Framing and Decor, Doors, Columns, Towers, Basic Roofs, Domed Roofs and Spires, and Roof Decorations. What amazed me in each chapter is how much variety there was in each chapter. While each one is 10-20 pages, each page is packed with several different types, so the reader can learn so much about detailing buildings packed into each page.

While the focus of The LEGO Architecture Idea Book is obviously architecture and buildings (whether it be skyscrapers or medieval castles), the building techniques used are great for learning to build that can be applied to any type of LEGO building. As an example, Alice spends much of the chapter on towers focusing on how to build curves of different radii using LEGO elements. While she is applying these strategies to create towers of different sizes, they could be used to create vehicles, tableware, or anything else the reader can imagine.

I love this book’s approach to building and how it isn’t just a standard book of instructions. I highly recommend The LEGO Architecture Idea Book to anyone seeking to up their game and build more advanced and unique creations with a flourish that goes beyond basic building.

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