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Review: Aftershokz Sportz M2

Last year, I checked out the Aftershokz sport headphones. Rather than conventional headphones, which go in or over the ears, the Aftershokz used bone conduction technology to create vibrations that transmit through the cheekbones to be heard. Aftershokz has upgraded the design and released the Aftershokz Sportz M2.

Review: Auria Zeal Sport Headphones

At the Walt Disney World marathon run expo, I was checking all the different wares the running oriented companies we offering for sale to the runners. One such company was Auria, who were showing off the running headphones. Recently they sent me a pair to review.

Review: The New Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Duro

A year and a half ago, I discovered the Yurbuds earbuds at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Run Expo. When I first purchased them, I quickly fell in love with them. They sounded good, felt comfortable, and stayed firmly in my ears. Unfortunately, the earphone design was less than stellar and I had to return them twice because the sound went out. The second time, I received their new design.

Review: Aftershokz Sport Headphones

I’m always looking for the best headphones to run with, so when I came across the Aftershokz Sport Headphones, I needed to check them out. Rather than going in-ear like most sport headphones, the Aftershokz Sports go in front of the ears and use patent pending military special ops bone conduction technology to give a completely different listening experience.

Review: Sol Republic Tracks Headphones

SXSW was awash in technological devices and products, many of which were available with the right opportunities. Like the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Livescribe pen, I was able to receive a pair of Sol Republic Tracks headphones to listen to my music and podcasts with.

Review: Snuggbuds SB-X and Marvericks

Running can be a solitary activity, and as such, having music or books to listen to while runs can help motivate a runner. Just as important as what the runner listens to is what he or she uses to listen to it. The choice of headphones is as important as the device itself that is used. With that in mind, Snuggbuds sent me two pair of their headphones to test out.


When I visited the Run Expo as part of the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, one of the companies exhibiting at the expo was Yurbuds, headphones that are supposed to stay locked in while running. Months later, as my over the ear Nike Vapor headphones became worn just before the Brooklyn Half Marathon, I felt it was time to finally try a pair of Yurbuds.