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The Lego Skull

DSC01337 Originally uploaded by JustJon For Halloween 2007, I created a Lego skull to display at the Palisades Center Lego Store Community Window that we of the New York Brick Artists (aka Sick Brick) control and display our creations in. The skull is built completely with Lego, the LEDs behind trans black bricks and controlled […]

RonFez.Net Upgrades

RonFez.Net is going thru some upgrades tonight, as I’ve posted on the board. The site may have a little downtime as I upgrade the site, but hopefully it will be short. The changes are primarily to 3 sections: The blogs are getting some bug fix upgrades, nothing major. The Gallery is getting an upgrade as […]

Giving 2 Weeks Notice

So I started this blog with the intention of talking about different projects I was working on and whatnot, but then something happened that I couldn’t talk about until today… About a month ago, I was bored after I got home from kung-fu class and bounced around online, and one of the sites I hit […]

Rick Rolled

So I was talking to Beth yesterday and she did not know what Rick Rolling was until dinner the night before, when Danielle told her about it.  Since they were in person, and not online, there was no actual Rick Rolling, just discussion of said Rick Rolling.  Beth tells me this and I figure if […]

Curiouser and Curiouser

Seems visitors can’t leave comments on that first little blog.  I wonder why not.  That’s the problem with a turnkey solution vs. a custom made one.  I need to learn the ins and outs of a piece of software, rather than building it from the bottom up and editing it to my whims.  Alas and […]


Ok, so I caved to pressure and relaunched a brand spankin’ new personal website.  It’s a bit of a work in progress right now, as I’m still filtering thru themes and I’ll look for some plug-ins and whatnot, but I now have a place to plot and discuss online projects and maybe some other things […]